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We want to maintain both our health and an active life style. Over the years we have had city provided water or well water. Research of the last year narrowed our decision down to a self regenerating whole house filtration system. Our master plumber Chris Maldonado strongly recommended the Flagship Water system to us. Drinking water is clear and tastes great. Our skin is soft and smooth as well as our hair. Calcium deposits in the shower are a thing of the past. We are confident that our new new hot water tank and new kitchen appliances will benefit from the system. We are extremely pleased. We consider the Flagship Water System essential for a healthy and active lifestyle.

M. Duffy

Prescott, AZ

Two thumbs up for Rich and his team at Flagship water! We have enjoyed crystal clear, clean drinking water for about two years now from our whole home water filtration system from Flagship. No longer do we have or invest in costly water softening systems. The attentive service and great care taken from Flagship Water was impressive and appreciated.

Sincerely Rick and Karen Stack

The water filtration system I decided to go with from Flagship Water proved to be a great decision. Installation was fast, efficient, neat, and professionally handled. My kids like that they can drink water from any sink in the house, including their bathroom, and the water tastes very good. We are saving a lot on bottled water these days! I have a great peace of mind that the water pipes and systems will not corrode within my house now that I have the whole home filtration system set up and clean and pure water flowing through the house. I believe it will certainly pay for itself over time.



I purchased my new water filtration and conditioning unit based on the recommendation of a friend and I’m very happy that I did. My expectations have been exceeded at every turn.

My water quality literally changed immediately.
It came with the most user-friendly manual I have ever seen. Clear, concise, and very easy to understand and use.

The installation was way better than I anticipated. Clean, compact, excellent workmanship, and complete with everything, including a strap for safety.

I couldn’t be happier with the choice I made.

Thank you.

Rich Hull

We highly recommend this product. Our jacuzzi water is crystal clear, our hair and skin feel amazing, we no longer need to use baby oil for dry skin. My dog would never drink the tap water that we would place in her bowl, but she will drink the tap water now that we installed the Flagship Water Filtration system. No more calcium or soap scum in the shower. Money well spent! We highly recommend it if you are searching for the right product. Give this lifetime product a shot. You will not be disappointed!

Reyna Tomasetti

Thank you so much for our new water filtration system. Our family is beyond thankful, knowing we have clean, filtered water.
Simi Valley is known for having toxic water. Before the filtration system, we had hard unconditioned water, it had a toxic smell. Now, we have amazingly soft, clean, drinkable water. It is seriously a night and day difference. The water taste like pure goodness.
The team at Flagship Water did an amazing job helping us select the appropriate size for our household, they were polite, professional and super friendly. Having clean water is life changing. I highly recommend everyone to get one of these whole house water filtration systems, because we all deserve to have clean water.
Thanks again!!

Ciseal A.

Simi Valley, CA

Loving my new Flagship whole home water filtration system, No more running to the water store to go fill up water tanks for drinking water anymore means the world to me.. filling up Coffee Maker right from my kitchen sink is easy and convenient, as so is making anything that requires water getting it right from the faucet, not having to go over to the water stand to retrieve it, not having to buy or lease any extra equipment or changing filters regularly, or adding salt, is totally worth it to me.. the system is care free and the water tastes and feels great.. Loving Our Flagship Water System !!

Robert Escareno

Ventura, CA

Dear Flagship Water,

I want to write this short missive to you to let you know that my family and I are so happy with our Flagship Water System.

When you told me that the water tasted great during our meeting prior to the installation I have to admit I was a little skeptical. I have had many different types of water filters so I expected something similar. But my wife and I think we are drinking the best tasting water we ever had. If I had been wandering the desert parched for hour’s I can’t imagine the water tasting any better. I enjoy drinking the water straight from my bathroom and kitchen sinks. Gone are the days of the chlorine laced smell from Los Angeles tap. The Flagship System eliminates those odors. What a pleasure knowing that family is drinking and bathing in pristine water. I have also noticed that I no longer see calcium buildup deposition around my faucets.

I thoroughly endorse the Flagship Water Filtration system without reservation.

Robert S.

Los Angeles, CA

We  are so pleased with out new purification water system from Flagship Water. The whole house system is great. No more bottled water for us! The crew was on time and completed the installation flawlessly. The water taste great and is crystal clear. I highly recommend Rich and his guys at Flagship Water.

M. Baumgard

Moorpark, Ca

Flagship Water systems are low maintenance units that provide great tasting water from the tap that is free of the chlorine, chloramines, and other particles that are harmful to drink regularly. As health conscious people, we were looking for a whole house filtration system that achieved this goal! The water coming for every faucet in our house now tastes great and eliminates the mineral deposits that harm our appliances. We are very happy with our Flagship Water!

Andy Miller

Santa Rosa Valley, Ca

Thanks to Flagship, our water tastes AMAZING! Before, our water tasted like dirt, same with the ice. But now its like the water from heaven. They’re really nice too. They didn’t mind wearing booties to keep my sister safe because her immune system is low after battling cancer for several years, and just having a bone – marrow transplant. We’ve had other people roll their eyes. I might only be 9 but I pay attention too.

Cianna, 9 years old

Ventura, Ca

It’s a compact unit that fits perfectly in my garage it filters and conditions all the water throughout the house. It improves everything from drinking water to washing your hair or your car.  Well worth the investment.

William Moodie

Thousand Oaks, Ca

We recently purchased a Flagship water filtration system from Flagship Water and we couldn’t be happier.  The owner Rich and his staff are extremely pleasant and professional.  I love the taste of our new water where before I would never drink from our faucet and only buy bottled water.  It leaves your skin feeling clean and there’s no more hard water stains or build up.   I highly recommend purchasing the Flagship water filtration system from Richco Plumbing.

Darren Mason

Camarillo, Ca

We are so happy with our Flagship water filter. One of the best purchases we have ever made for our home. Wish we would have done it sooner, the water taste great and wonderful to have in all of our faucets, showers and it really reduces calcium buildup. Thank you for such a wonderful product.

B. Bjerkin

Camarillo, CA

My husband and I are seniors who want to maintain our health to stay-active. For many years we have had a water softener or other filtration. We are so glad we now have the Flagship water filtration system which meets all our needs. Our showers now keep our skin soft and sooth. We now have water that is safe to drink out of our taps and to use for cooking. The operation of the tank is quiet and the tank looks beautiful. We appreciate the study and work it has taken to make this filtration system available.

C. Trotter

Camarillo, CA

The Flagship water system has surpassed our expectations. Fantastic drinking water, you stop to consider the cost of bottled drinking water, dishwasher and washing machine household appliances and plumbing systems, you realize in the long run you actually save money with having a Flagship water filtration and conditioned system.

Nigel C. Green

Ventura, CA

Thank you for the follow up email. We have noticed a difference in the taste of the water. Tastes much better! 

As for our skin issues, I feel that it has been better for me. Not as much itching as I was having.

All in all, though, I’m very glad that we made the change and I would recommend Flagship Water to anyone.

Armando G

Camarillo, CA

We chose Flagship Water Filtration, Conditioning System earlier this year to combat the buildup we are having on our appliances due to the water hardness increasing in our area. The team at Flagship Water suggested a single system that would filter and soften our water to our entire property. Our property has a creek and as such that we are very careful not to jeopardize our eco system or watershed. Flagship has developed a new system that does not use salt which has to be constantly refilled and maintained, as well as pollutes the environment with excess salt.  Our flagship water system is COMPLETELY maintenance free and does not pollute our water shed at all.  Our water feels and taste better, too. And no more water spots after the dishwasher, even when using the Eco- Friendly dishwashing soap.  I would suggest Flagship to anyone over the common Salt water softeners, and working with Flagship was so easy, all we had to do was call and schedule the appointment!

Paparella Family

Topanga, CA

Being the parent of 3 little ones, and having a little one who has been battling cancer for 5+years. Having truly clean water has always been a concern. You quickly are made aware that the quality of the water is not only important for drinking but, equally as important when bathing. Your skin is like a sponge and can absorb the toxins in your water, also leading to health issues or making pre-existing ones worse (You also notice for the first time ever, the disclaimer on your water company’s website that states you should consult your doctor before consuming if you have a lowered immunity or any health concerns. That would also include anyone who is healthy but, pregnant, an infant, or elderly) Having done our research on several types of systems, while keeping medical needs in mind. Flagship water has been a godsent. We know that no matter the circumstance, once the water from the city hits our Flagship system, it is completely safe for our kids to drink, bathe and play in. Our animals are now safe too. No more rancid smell, no more taste of dirt or medal, and there is no longer a need to spend extra money on buying bottled water.

The Flagship Team treat your home and family as if it were their own. Your concerns are truly listened to, your questions addressed and you are never left with a feeling of uncertainty. We are so grateful for the piece of mind that Flagship has afforded us.

Charlie C-Guevara

Mom of three

We have both been drinking more water from the tap and it tastes much better. I have also noticed that the glass in the shower is easier to keep clean.

Jessica W.

Las Vegas, NV

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