Solutions for every home.

Flagship offers one premium whole home water filtration solution for all—in six sizes to suit every home.


All models are made to last 10 years and meet or exceed NSF61 standards for potable water. Filtration media is eco-friendly and should be replaced every 10 years. Old media is safe to reuse for landscape composting.


Tank, bottom distributor plate, conditioning chamber, riser, tube, controller head include a 10-year warranty.

Filter Ability

Remove chlorine, volatile organic compounds, herbicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, chloramine up to 2ppm and many more hazardous contaminates.
Backwash Cycle: 8-min backwash plus a 4-min rinse, once a week. The amount of water each model uses varies. Backwashed water is clean and free of salt, making it safe for use in landscaping, refilling a swimming pool, or even plumbed into the sewer line.

Carbon Filter Media

Ultra pure catalytic granular coconut shell based activated carbon.

KDF55 Filter Media

High purity copper-zinc formula removes heavy metals like lead and mercury and extends the life of carbon.


Flagship will physically condition water hardness minerals of up to 30 grains.

Flagship Water Model Specifications

 FSW1054Most Popular
FSW 1354FSW1465FSW1665FSW1865
Home Occupants4-5 people5-6 people6 people6+ people6+ people6+ people
Home Size0-2500 sq ft2500-3500 sq ft3500-4500 sq ft4500-6000 sq ft6000-12000 sq ft8000-10000 sq ft
Flow Rate8 gpm15 gpm15 gpm25 gpm25 gpm50 gpm
*Filter Life1.5M gal2M gal2.5M gal3.5M gal4M gal5M gal
Filtering Ability5 micron5 micron5 micron5 micron5 micron5 micron
Backwash Cycle Use4 gpm5 gpm8 gpm10 gpm12 gpm12 gpm
Carbon Media60.5 lbs/1.5 ft388 lbs/2.0 ft3100 lbs/2.5 ft3140 lbs/3.5 ft3160 lbs/4.0 ft3200 lbs/5.0 ft3
KDF55 Media4 lbs4 lbs4 lbs4 lbs9 lbs15 lbs
**Conditioner8 gpm15 gpm15 gpm25 gpm25 gpm50 gpm
Temperature Range40–100°F40–100°F40–100°F40–100°F40–100°F40–100°F
Max Water Pressure75 psi75 psi75 psi75 psi75 psi75 psi
Height54′′ – 61′′52′′ – 59′′54′′ – 61′′67′′ – 74′′67′′ – 74′′67′′ – 74′′
Dry Weight92 lbs122 lbs141 lbs328 lbs377 lbs489 lbs
Sweat Connections3/4″ – 1″1″ – 1 1⁄4″ – 1 1⁄2″1 1⁄4″ – 1 1⁄2″1 1⁄4″ – 1 1⁄2″1 1⁄4″ – 1 1⁄2″1 1⁄2″ – 2″

*Gallons of filtered and conditioned water provided before filter replacement.

**Rated gallons per minute the conditioning chamber can process with a full flow riser tube.

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